Links of the day – 11 September 2012

.NET / Visual Studio/Web Development

Microsoft Visual Studio Gallery – Products and Extensions for Visual Studio

Are you to looking to find products, extensions, and add-ins for Visual Studio.

 Microsoft Visual Studio Gallery

Your search ends at Microsoft Website. Microsoft is providing Gallery with

Tools  (Build, Coding, Data, Documentation, Modeling, Performance, Programming Languages, Reporting, Security, Setup & Deployment,Source Control, Team Development, Testing and  Web )

Controls (ASP.NET Controls, Silverlight Controls, Sharepoint Controls, Windows Forms Controls, WPF Controls and Framework & Libraries)

Templates (ASP.NET, Office , Mobile Device, Silverlight, SQL Server, WCF, Windows Forms, Workflow and WPF)

click here to access all the above mentioned  Tools, Controls and Templates.

Happy Coding !!!



  • ASP.NET Controls
  • Silverlight Controls
  • Sharepoint Controls
  • Windows Forms Controls
  • WPF Controls
  • Framework & Libraries

Talking about How to Develop Writer Plug-ins

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all the readers of my blog.

I would try my best to include advanced topics and interesting topics this year. Lets start with a post from Microsoft on developing plug-ins for Microsoft Live Writer. I use Live writer for all my blog posts and being a developer, I would like to develop a plug-in.

Lets start…

Talking about How to Develop Writer Plug-ins
Catherine Heller (Channel 9) interviews Charles Teague (our Dev Lead) on Windows Live Writer.

Charles discusses the Windows Live Writer SDK which includes a managed API for extending Live Writer. He demonstrates the Polaroid Picture Plug-in and also shows how to build a “Hello World” plug-in in Visual Studio.

Charles Teague: Building Windows Live Writer Plug-ins

Cool Features of Visual Studio 2008 – Part 2

It took almost a month and half for me to present Part-2. In second part, I would introduce LINQ, VB 9 and C# 3.0.

Part-2 of this series covers the following topics:

  • LINQ – Language Integrated Query
  • VB.NET: Implicit types
  • VB.NET: Extension Methods
  • VB.NET: IntelliSense
  • C# 3.0: Implicit typed local variables
  • C# 3.0 Object Initializers
  • C# 3.0 : Collection Initializers
  • C# 3.0: Anonymous Types
  • C# 3.0: Lambda Expression

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Cool Features of Visual Studio 2008 – Part 1

Visual Studio 2008 promises numerous improvements for Visual Basic, a data query called the Language Integrated Query (LINQ), a new Entity Framework for ADO.NET and updated tools for ASP.NET AJAX and Office 2007 development.

This series examines the IDE’s new features . This article looks at the improvements to the IDE and the aforementioned ADO.NET Entity Framework. Also we look looks at what’s new in Visual Basic 9 and LINQ; as you will see, these two concepts are closely related. All the new features in C# 3.0 are also discussed more clearly in further parts.

Part-1 of this series covers the following topics:

  • Multi-targeting
  • N-tier application development
  • Transparent Intellisense Mode
  • CSS Style Manager
  • Split view
  • Web Designer, Editing and CSS Support
  • JavaScript debugging
  • Project Designer
  • ASP.NET AJAX and VSTO for Office 2007
  • The ADO.NET Entity Framework

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