Good-bye to 2012

Normally last week of every year is always a quiet and exciting for me but this year I planned not to take holiday but decided to use this time to reflect on my professional and personal accomplishments. Introspection is very important for everyone and I think this week of the year is the best one. There are lot of plans for the coming year.

2012 has been a great, fun, disappointing, stressful and frustrating educational year with lot of learning experiences and opportunities to contribute to the society. I have been given a huge responsibility at my work place which provided me an opportunity to learn and accept new challenges. I have achieved 2 Microsoft Certifications and worked on my MBA. On the voluntary front, I’m moderator of a technical website and also webmaster for a local community and implemented online payment for few events.

I make “New Year’s Resolutions” every year and this time I decided to work on a to-do list of work items that I want to focus on this year.

  • Invest more time on Client Side Technologies (HTML5) and SharePoint.
  • Blog at least once a week. (One on .NET Technologies and one on SharePoint)
  • Contribute more to the Society through Give Camp and local user groups.
  • Renew my interest in new Microsoft Technologies.
  • Improve my social media presence (through twitter).
  • Complete my MBA.
  • Work on my personal health.

It’s been a busy year catching up with all new challenges and learning. In 2013, I plan to focus on contributing more to the community and it’s going to be a great year professionally.

Wishing you all Happy New Year and Happy Coding Smile


New Year 2012


It’s already three days after new year and we are back to work. New year brought lots of enthusiasm to celebrate and refresh our thinking. As a part of Hindu Mythology, I visited temple to pray for the successful year. Everyone has resolutions. I had few resolutions in 2011 which I missed. Simple goals are met but I need to work more on important and long term goals.

My important goals. Lose weight– Tough in Winter, but I need to start working on it. Learn More – Want to excel in few more areas other than programming with more certifications in Scrum and Agile along with management degree.  Spend Time– Spend more time with my better half and work on priorities in personal life. Sharing – Share my knowledge through blog posts as I was very poor in 2011. Voluntary Work – Involve in more community activities and spend some time in volunteering both in technical and group events. Increase sleep time – sleep longer for at least 6 hours from current 3-4.5 hours.

Hope you all reach your goals…Have a great year ahead.

Happy Coding Smile

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Worst Customer Service in Restaurant

I heard of restaurants with worst Customer Service. I experienced the worst customer service I have ever encountered in one of the famous Vegetarian Restaurant of Hyderabad. It took place at Panjagutta’s Shanbhag Restaurant in Hyderabad. The problems in the restaurant are often simply annoying and not enough to drive me away entirely yet many are simply too much to take.

I visited Shanbhag with my friends, hoping for a nice lunch on my Birthday in April. I was excited about the place, but I received an unacceptable level of customer service from all employees.
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The Art of the Apology

Over the last few years, I have seen many people from different countries apologizing in different ways.  Some of them were done right and enhanced both reputations and relationships. Some went seriously wrong and compounded the original mistake leading to disastrous consequences.

Sometimes, even if an apology is offered, it may be unrecognizable as such because the embarrassment or anger of the person giving the apology distorts it. This can be a disastrous mistake; credibility, once lost, is very hard to gain back.

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Why married men shouldn’t go abroad alone

Check out this gr8 article from rediff

You are a successful, happily married IT professional. So far, so good. One day, you get this really exciting job offer abroad, which you just can’t resist. After all, many of your friends work abroad, making tons of dollars; you’ve always felt left behind.

You decide to grab this opportunity. What about your better half? Well, she is also an IT professional, with her own career ambitions; you decide a long-distance relationship for some time is the answer.

Daily communication

You call your wife every day. It’s good to begin with. But, over a period of time, you start finding something amiss in your personal relationship. There is not much to talk about; after all, you definitely do not want to discuss what you did in office that day. That would be more irritating than fun.

You start getting creative and try different ways of keeping the line of communication lively. Does it work? Yes, at times, if you are lucky. You can’t be romantic and flirt every day — after all, she is your wife, not your girlfriend. So what used to be hour-long chats on the Internet is reduced to few minutes of formal talk. Sad, but true.

Work pressure and personal life

You are onsite at a customer’s location; everything you do is transparent to the customer. There are few opportunities of hiding project information. This leads to more work pressure. As a result, you start getting involved in work to the extent of forgetting, at least temporarily, that you have someone back home who is thinking about you. You can’t even share this with her — after all, you do not have any family responsibility abroad and yet you want to complain about work and lack of time?

Weekend blues

In India, when you had your family with you, you always wanted those two days off. Even before the weekend arrived, a list of what you needed to do on those two days would be ready. Your plate was always full — be it a visit to a family friend, a show at the nearby multiplex or getting the necessary household items. There was so much to do in such little time. And how time flew!

Now, however, the weekends that used to be so special after a week of hard work stretch endlessly.

As for her, what is she to do? Visit her friend? How many times? Not to mention her friend may have her own set of engagements for the weekend. Probably, she should sleep as much as she can and try to watch a movie. But how many weekends can she pass in solitude?

Bachelorhood revisited

Most of us, after marriage, miss those golden days at college, the beer and the circle of friends. But now, when you are alone like all other ‘singles’, believe me you will hate it. Blame it on your age or the ‘married’ frame of mind, ‘being single’ is no longer fun.

Sharing your apartment with other singles becomes so problematic that you tend to miss your well-managed home.

Women are good at multi-tasking, they can work and manage homes at the same time. But we guys can’t manage our beds, let alone the whole house. Believe me, a second innings at bachelorhood is definitely not hot, for sure.

Lost sleep

While alone abroad, if you suddenly wake up in the night and start thinking about your family, or if you do not get sleep the whole night, don’t panic. You are not alone. This is a common phenomenon. Is it too a big price for those dollars? You decide.

Food dilemma

Thanks to your wife, you get used to breakfast, lunch, evening snacks and dinner. Once you are abroad on your own, it becomes normal for you to cook in large amounts and eat the same thing multiple times. In fact, it’s perfectly okay if you have been surviving on just curd rice. Among all the issues you are facing, this seems to be the least problematic. You just want to eat to keep your stomach full. Right?

Emotional outbursts

Men are not supposed to be too emotional. But, once you stay alone for a long period of time, you’ll find yourself becoming ‘philosophical’; you may even shed a few tears. You’ll start questioning yourself as to what was lacking in your life that you decided to work abroad.

So how good is the deal really? If you change your mind about taking up that fabulous offer, after going through this article, please do not blame me. The decision is still yours.

Author: Krishna Kumar works with Bangalore-based TechUnified, which provides software solutions to banking and telecom customers worldwide. He is also an alumni of NIT, Surathkal.