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Good-bye to 2012

Posted by Vakul Kumar More on December 30, 2012

Normally last week of every year is always a quiet and exciting for me but this year I planned not to take holiday but decided to use this time to reflect on my professional and personal accomplishments. Introspection is very important for everyone and I think this week of the year is the best one. There are lot of plans for the coming year.

2012 has been a great, fun, disappointing, stressful and frustrating educational year with lot of learning experiences and opportunities to contribute to the society. I have been given a huge responsibility at my work place which provided me an opportunity to learn and accept new challenges. I have achieved 2 Microsoft Certifications and worked on my MBA. On the voluntary front, I’m moderator of a technical website and also webmaster for a local community and implemented online payment for few events.

I make “New Year’s Resolutions” every year and this time I decided to work on a to-do list of work items that I want to focus on this year.

  • Invest more time on Client Side Technologies (HTML5) and SharePoint.
  • Blog at least once a week. (One on .NET Technologies and one on SharePoint)
  • Contribute more to the Society through Give Camp and local user groups.
  • Renew my interest in new Microsoft Technologies.
  • Improve my social media presence (through twitter).
  • Complete my MBA.
  • Work on my personal health.

It’s been a busy year catching up with all new challenges and learning. In 2013, I plan to focus on contributing more to the community and it’s going to be a great year professionally.

Wishing you all Happy New Year and Happy Coding Smile


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Links of the Month–April 2012

Posted by Vakul Kumar More on April 9, 2012

  • Free Microsoft Technologies Training:

Want to learn latest Microsoft technologies…check the following website: 

  • Free eBook: Practical Performance Profiling :

Get up to speed with a free copy of Practical Performance Profiling by Jean-Philippe Gouigoux  sponsored by RedGate

Covers the theory and practical skills necessary to analyze and improve the performance of .NET code.

Guides you through using a profiler and explains how to identify and correct performance bottlenecks. 

  • 11 Important Database designing rules:

  • What AnyCPU Really Means As Of .NET 4.5 and Visual Studio 11

  • Future of Cloud Computing
  • SQL Server Storage Basics

‘must-read’ resources for every SQL Server developer and DBA.

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Microsoft Launches Windows 7

Posted by Vakul Kumar More on October 22, 2009

Me being an ardent fan of Microsoft and its new Operating System Win 7 hoping that its first operating system in three years, Windows 7, makes a big splash, starting with its official launch Thursday 22nd October,2009.

To follow the event in New York, and you can watch CEO Steve Ballmer’s keynote at the streaming video here.


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First Visit to Shamshabad Airport

Posted by Vakul Kumar More on June 9, 2008

My first visit to Shamshabad Airport was really exciting. I was rearing to have a look at Shamshabad Airport from its early days. I’m extremely happy to leave for US from Shamshabad Airport. The staff in the Airport are really friendly. I had a pleasant experience in interacting with the staff. Though I had more than 3 hours for the flight after check-in, It was like just few minutes as I enjoyed the environment in the airport and was talking to the excited staff.

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Vivekananda Speech

Posted by Vakul Kumar More on May 28, 2008

Vivekananda explains the gist of Hinduism by quoting a sloka from “Baghavad Gita”. In fact that also explains the concept of Universal acceptance of all religion.

From an audio release, about the Life and Works of Swami Vivekananda. Though it is not the actual voice of Vivekananda, we can feel the power of his thoughts on Hinduism, and his respect for other religions.

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