New Year 2012


It’s already three days after new year and we are back to work. New year brought lots of enthusiasm to celebrate and refresh our thinking. As a part of Hindu Mythology, I visited temple to pray for the successful year. Everyone has resolutions. I had few resolutions in 2011 which I missed. Simple goals are met but I need to work more on important and long term goals.

My important goals. Lose weight– Tough in Winter, but I need to start working on it. Learn More – Want to excel in few more areas other than programming with more certifications in Scrum and Agile along with management degree.  Spend Time– Spend more time with my better half and work on priorities in personal life. Sharing – Share my knowledge through blog posts as I was very poor in 2011. Voluntary Work – Involve in more community activities and spend some time in volunteering both in technical and group events. Increase sleep time – sleep longer for at least 6 hours from current 3-4.5 hours.

Hope you all reach your goals…Have a great year ahead.

Happy Coding Smile

Image Source: Image above is extracted from Editors Choice on 500px by Simone Ciliberti..


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