Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Resources (Video and E-books)

There are many factors which are making information storage an important function of a company. Enabled by new types of information, such as digitization of images and video, and sensor information from RFID tags, the amount of digital information within an organization is mushrooming. Growing regulatory compliance and globalization require that information be stored securely and available at all times. At the same time, the cost of disk storage has dramatically decreased, enabling organizations to store more data per dollar invested. Users must quickly sift through mountains of data to find relevant information. Furthermore, they want to use this information on any device and with the programs that they use every day, such as Microsoft Office System applications. Managing this data explosion and the increase in user expectations creates numerous challenges for the enterprise.

The Microsoft® Data Platform vision meets these needs by providing a solution that organizations can use to store and manage many types of data, including XML, e-mail, time/calendar, file, document, geospatial, and so on, while providing a rich set of services to interact with the data: search, query, data analysis, reporting, data integration, and robust synchronization. Users can access information from creation to archiving on any device, from the desktop to a mobile device.

Microsoft SQL Server™ 2008 delivers on this vision.

Microsoft® Data Platform vision

SQL Server 2008 delivers on the Microsoft data platform vision by enabling organizations to run their most mission-critical applications while lowering the cost of managing the data infrastructure and delivering insights and information to all users. This platform has the following qualities:

· Trusted—Enables organizations to run their most critical applications with very high levels of security, reliability, and scalability.

· Productive—Enables organizations to reduce the time and cost required to develop and manage their data infrastructure.

· Intelligent—Provides a comprehensive platform that delivers insights and information where your users want it.

Resources for learning SQL Server 2008

Microsoft Training

This site contains presentations, recordings, hands-on labs and demonstrations for the SQL Server 2008 JumpStart technical training event.


Website covers Overview Sessions, Database Infrastructure Track, Business Intelligence Track, Developer Track, App Compat & Upgrade Track, HOLs & Demos.


Click here to download. (Registration is required).

SQL Server 2008 Essentials

SQL Server 2008 Essentials include

To download all these files in a pack (zip file), click here

SQL Server 2008 Demos and Videos

Learn more about SQL Server 2008 through these demos and videos.

Technet Resources

MSDN way of learning some important topics in SQL Server 2008. click here

Overview Demo

Demo of SQL Server 2008 with voice in the background. Click here


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