Hyderabad Unplug Successful

Climate change due to global warming is one of the most critical challenges faced by humanity today. Countries like India , Bangladesh and island countries, because of their location and inability to adapt, will be worst affected. Human activities are releasing greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, causing global warming, resulting in rising sea levels, an increase in drought, severe storms and massive changes to the environment we all rely on to survive. Climate crisis has a wide range of negative effects on the land use, land-cover, ground water, agriculture, food production, natural ecosystems and erosion of coastal zones.

Although people consider global warming as a serious problem, they do not clearly understand its causes, impacts and solutions. It’s important we tailor awareness initiatives highlighting seriousness of global warming and the measures that can be taken at the individual level

There is some effort to raise awareness about global warming and ‘Hyderabad Unplug’ campaign is on to convince everyone to stop using electricity for an hour on May 3,2008 from 7.30 p.m. onwards. While the campaign seeks to involve people in the drive to check global warming, one aspect has completely been ignored. Hyderabadis have been doing their bit to check the global warming, albeit unwittingly.

The scheduled, unscheduled power cuts and disruption in power supply due to ‘maintenance’ works ensure that every household goes without power for sometime at least almost every day. This, in effect, is ‘Hyderabad Unplugged’ without even the citizen being aware of his contribution to the cause of checking the global warming.

I was in my sisters house and we decided to stop using electricity for an hour. It was a great opportunity to discuss on various topics as there was no TV which never allowed us to discuss. I took one hour for myself to just chill. We turned off all the screens, put down the handheld devices and just took time to talk to family.

Spread the message. Stand for the cause. If people don’t care don’t stop .innovate. Some call them selves Unstoppable and when they become the voice of the nature.we call them ” THE GREEN CLASS “.


4 thoughts on “Hyderabad Unplug Successful

  1. hi Vakul,
    I am regular viewer to your blog here.
    Nice to here that you are the part of “Hyderabd unplug”.

    In my childhood, every night we have power cut for one and half hours from 7.00 p.m to 8.30 p.m. At taht time i used to sit along with my mother,m sister and father. We also used to discuss on vrious topics. Some times my father used to share with us his business progrs and status.My mother used to tell us stories…that was really a good time

    Poeple now a days forgot to sit around with family. Atleast power cuts made its role in bringing family together at that time even.

    Now even though there is power cut, people use to continue their works with chargined Kights and Lamps and generators.

    I think poeple need to develop the concept of spirituatlity. Wat we are and why we are here in this world… then nly they can recognise their responsibilities towards nature and family.

    These are only my views, sorry if i hurt anyone here.


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