Visual Basic LINQ Video Samples

LINQ stands for Language Integrated Query, and it enables you to write queries over things like objects, databases, and XML in a standard way using new language syntax. Learn how to use this productive new language feature in your Visual Basic programs through how-to video series by Beth Massi focusing on the new LINQ language features of Visual Basic 9.0 included in Visual Studio 2008.

Click here to find dozens of videos designed for all Visual Basic developers, from the novice to the professional. New videos are added regularly, so check back often or add it to your favorites.

These webcasts covers the following series:

LINQ Video Series

Forms over Data Video Series

VS 2008 Forms Over Data Series

Windows Development Video Series

Office Development Video Series

Object Binding Video Series

Visual Basic Interop Video Series

Security Video Series

Also, you can find all the webcasts by Beth Massi, Program Manager on the Visual Studio Community Team. They will be mostly about the new features of VB9, including one about LINQ in VB. Click here for Beth Massi’s blog for the latest information on her webcasts.

Happy Coding !!!



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