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WPF BootCamp 2008

Posted by Vakul Kumar More on April 19, 2008

The WPF BootCamp 2008 was a 3-day event providing developers and designers information on the concept behind WPF as a technology, what tools were useful in the development and the knowledge in order to start developing their own applications.

This is MIX University’s most updated training, delivered recently in Redmond by several experts from Microsoft and MIX University’s partners.  It takes you from beginner to intermediate in the first two days, and then dives deep into some real-world implementations on day 3.

The sessions are available to watch here and can be downloaded here.

If you have problem downloading videos, click here to get the direct link to dowload videos or audio.


One Response to “WPF BootCamp 2008”

  1. Pritesh said


    Thanks Vakul. Appreciate your efforts.

    Keep it up,

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