Indian Web slower, unreliable

Despite a heady increase in the number of Internet Users and the growing penetration of broadband connections, Indian Internet speeds are far from satisfactory, says a recent study by According to the data collected, India had an overall index of 74 and a response time of 253 milliseconds, compared to an index of 98 for the USA and a response time of just 13 milliseconds. Response time is the duration it takes for a packet of information to move from one point to another. The higher the response time, the slower the Net speeds. Surprisingly, even developing countries like Mexico and Peru have a higher Index than that of India. One of the reasons, according to Internet Service Providers Association of India (ISPAI), is the artificial cap on the bandwidth which affects efficiencies. Poor quality is cited an another reason for sluggish broadband services in the country.

Source:  Business India  April ,2008.

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