Worst Customer Service in Restaurant

I heard of restaurants with worst Customer Service. I experienced the worst customer service I have ever encountered in one of the famous Vegetarian Restaurant of Hyderabad. It took place at Panjagutta’s Shanbhag Restaurant in Hyderabad. The problems in the restaurant are often simply annoying and not enough to drive me away entirely yet many are simply too much to take.

I visited Shanbhag with my friends, hoping for a nice lunch on my Birthday in April. I was excited about the place, but I received an unacceptable level of customer service from all employees.

By going to the restaurant at the busiest time of the day, I had to wait 30 minutes just to get seated. I have no problem with waiting if it is busy. I was talking with my friends and was waiting to be served for 20 minutes. One of my friends had to wait for more than 40 minutes to get served and was just sharing our food. We had no rice in our plates for almost 15 minutes and we were stranded with our dry hands waiting to be served. It is extremely unacceptable level of service. Even a small request to bring a spoon or salt took at least 15 minutes.

I don’t know what happened to the server who was supposed to be with us. But if something happened to him that prevented him from serving us, it is manager’s responsibility to check on the status of every server, and have a substitute. The place has horrible management system, and the customer service is unacceptable.

To help keep me as a potential future customer, I would like the following:

· I would like for the staff to take a class in customer service.

· I want the employee to agree that there is a problem and then make it right. What I’m tired of seeing is the staff over-agreeing and further upsetting me by illustrating that the problem is known and goes unresolved.


2 thoughts on “Worst Customer Service in Restaurant

  1. Yeah… the samething happened when I went to Zaafraan in somajiguda. I even attempted to call the manager and complained about what happened, the manager said sorry. But, the tone of his voice made me feel that he really did not feel sorry when he said so.


  2. Thts really good!! u shared tht bad experience in this blog is really good!!U really are doing a good work!! keep it up!!


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