Learn Latest Microsoft .NET technologies !!!

I have an habit of searching good Video Tutorials to learn stuff from the day I started coding.  Microsoft is far ahead in providing the support and the community support to the learners. Only problem is the learners dont know the appropriate way to gain access to the resources offered by Microsoft.

I have seen few sites and still puzzled about why these sites are not popular among the developers in India. Video Training provide a powerful way of communication, with the effective introduction and Attention. Most of the Video Tutorials are Versatile, Resourceful, Preferred Medium of choice and Persiasive as it involves  the viewer’s emotions. Producing a training video often costs no more than writing an ebook. In fact, video is able to give a great deal of information in a short amount of time.

I had to talk all this as I just found a resource to learn all latest Microsoft Technologies like VS 2008, .NET 3.5 , LINQ , WPF , Windows Forms with Hands on Labs, Virtual Labs. It also includes Windows Forms FAQs.

http://windowsclient.net/ is a portal with links to Learn, Discuss in Forums, Download and participate and share knowledge in the communities.

Following are the links to the Learn section .

  1. VS 2008 & .NET 3.5 Video Training
  2. LINQ Video Training
  3. WPF Video Training
  4. Windows Forms Video Training
  5. Acropolis Video Training
  6. Presentations
  7. Hands on Labs
  8. Virtual Labs
  9. Windows Forms FAQs
  10. Integrating Windows Forms & WPF
  11. Windows Client Technical Articles 

WPF Samples can also be downloaded from http://windowsclient.net/downloads/folders/wpfsamples/default.aspx 

Hope you make most out of it…Happy Coding !!

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