Foreign Education in UK in Hindi Language

Mr.Rajeev Srivastava has uploaded the following content and videos in You Tube. Any one interested in Foreign Education in UK can have a look at these videos.

The whole documentary was shot during 2000-03 in different British Universities which has views from INDIAN students about foreign Education in UK.

At last in the documentary I have mentioned about students progress in last three years in captions which makes the subject in depth and more impressive. Whole documentary has an impressive background narration as well reinforcing and explanatory views of various Indian students.
Unfortunately there is no views were recorded/available from administrative authorities of the universities in UK as the permission was impossible for being an independent documentary maker. However I do not feel that their views were important as the views from students are adequate as well honest and give the whole picture.

This documentary emphasis the various aspects of Indian student’s views about British Universities.
Most of the Indian students are self funded to obtain a British degree so my documentary has considered the following facts:
• Why do the Indian students want foreign education even spending a lot of money i.e. crisis for admissions in good institutions in India, search for better career in foreign countries or to get higher pay in their native country i.e. in India. At what extents all of these facts are true.
• Struggle during their foreign education i.e. financial crisis, part time jobs and their standards as well as comparison of education standards.
• Are the foreign educated students able to get the return of their money according to their expectations?
To obtain a clear picture various questions were asked to the Indian students such as: why did you choose UK, which education is better, is there any kind of racism in UK, what do you expect i.e. work permit or more pay in India, what are their suggestions to improve Indian education systems and will you settle in UK etc.
Hope You will enjoy this factual documentary.

Links for the Video :

Part-1  Part-2  Part-3  Part-4  Part-5

One thought on “Foreign Education in UK in Hindi Language

  1. Dear Rajeev

    You have done excellent job for all the Indian students to give a clear picture abt study in UK . I am thinking of sending my son to BE hons in electronics . I got most of my answers.

    Great effort for a great cause !!

    I will appreciate if you can reply my mail to discuss some of my questions still unanswered

    Warm regards

    Prasad Vanpal
    Pune , India



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