Performance Problems in Outlook 2007

I was very happy to try the new version of Outlook 2007 along with RSS Support. Much to my disappointment, Outlook 2007 turned out to be a lot of shortcomings and inconsistent interfaces. Checkout the link

Few Exceptions are new features to Outlook 2007.

    The To-Do Bar: It contains a calendar with bold text for days on which you have scheduled appointments. Further, upcoming appointments are now visible front and center and, since they are appointments in Outlook, are color coded to your preference.
    Improved Collaboration and Security:
    Besides deeper integration with SharePoint, Outlook 2007 gives you some other collaboration improvements, including the ability to create and subscribe to calendars stored on Internet sites, including on Office Online. Second, if you need to share calendar information with other people, you can send them a “calendar snapshot”, an HTML version of your calendar.

I faced severe problems in catching up with my RSS feeds from different sites and Outlook 2007 had lots of problems to still work on. It doesn’t have a blog posting mechanism, only reading.Every time I receive an email, I have to face an annoying feature to let the graphics load. If Firefox is my default browser, I can’t use the updates feature. The larger the PST (or OST) file, the greater the performance problem.

It is clear that there are problems with the way Microsoft has implemented the data structures that store items in Outlook 2007, and that those problems are related to new features like RSS feeds. The good news is that Microsoft knows there are problems, and they have publicly stated that they are working to resolve them. The bad news is that the problems are here now, and Microsoft has made no commitments about when they will be fixed.

Few people tried to let microsoft know the problems and some came up with tips to solve the problems. Check the links….


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