“Are You Kidding Me?”

A company called Vervata has released new Pro and Light versions of its FlexiSPY software for BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, and Nokia Series 60 phones. Running invisibly in the background and accessible only via “secret code,” both versions track all SMS messages, call logs, email, and device location, uploading the info to a Web-accessible company server for “viewing and analysis.” Pro additionally lets you turn on a phone’s microphone from any other phone. Yikes. Unethical? Not according to Vervata managing director Atir Raihan, who’s quoted in a press release we received as saying, “While spying on people may seem unethical, cheating spouses, rogue employees sharing private company data, or unsuspecting children receiving SMS messages from pedophiles are all activities nobody wants to see happen.” Interestingly, our company’s Web filter blocked access to FlexiSpy.com. Vervata says FlexiSPY isn’t a virus or Trojan, but F-Secure labels it as malware.

checkout the site at http://www.flexispy.com/


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