Google’s New Features !!!

Google’s a company that never stops surprising us by introducing some really impressive services just when you think they’ve run out of ideas. They’re one company that won’t even bother charging you for these services! I figure out few new products and useful ones  you ought to try.

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Not too long ago, iGoogle was better known as Google Personalized Homepage. iGoogle lets you create a customised homepage that you can set as your browser’s default page with all you want to see when you fire it up.
Google offers new facilities like:
  • Add the Weather Gadget
  • Change the theme
  • Move Gadgets Around
  • Make your own Gadgets
  • Add a new tab
  • Add feeds to iGoogle
  • View Gadget source
Google Notebook

One of the new advanced feature made available by google.

Export to Google Docs

When you’re done doing research on the Internet and taking notes, you can export these notes to Google’s own word processing service- Google Docs. To do this, click on Tools and then on “Export to Google Docs”. Google docs will then open up a new document with the notes from the notebook-all formatted and everything.

Note-taking from Firefox

Google has developed a plugin for Firefox that lets you access your Google notes. You can even download the plugin from

Share your Notebook

You can share your notes with others as a Web page. Click on “sharing options”. Under “Invite collaborators” enter the e-mail addresses of other users. Clicking the Yes button under “Publish this notebook” gives you a Web link you can send to your friends.
Google Bookmarks

Easy Access through Firefox

Most users cant imagine going to and adding entries manually. Google has thought of everything and given you a toolbar that easily lets you add,edit and remove bookmarks. Visit to get the toolbar.

Google Bookmarks on iGoogle

You can also put your bookmarks on iGoogle.Those who dont wish to install the entire Google toolbar because you dont need all the features can choose to install only a single button and lets you add bookmarks to Google Bookmarks.
Google Co-op

Create your own Search Engine

Google Co-op lets you create custom search engines where only selected sites will be searched. Lon in to Google co-op. click on the “My search engines” link. Next, click on “Create a new search engine”. Here you first need to enter the name, description and keywords for the search engine. Enter the list of sites you want to search. Read first, and then click on ” I have read and agree to the Terms of Service”. Click Next. You can now preview to check if you get the right results.

Marking Sites

You can choose to mark sites that you come acroaa to be included in the list of sites from the custom search engine.
Google Talk
GoogleTalk’s gadget can be displayed on iGoogle. Those who wish not to run Google Talk’s software client can use the Web based client. If you are a user of both Google Desktop and Google Talk’s software client, you can have Google Talk dock into Google’s sidebar. Using the Web-based Google Talk, you can even play YouTube, Google Video and Picasa Web Albums in the chat window.
Google Picasa Web Albums 
Google’s free photo album hosting site and software allows uisers to directly download albums to Picasa, the image viewing and altering program. You have to first download and install Picasa from
Images can be uploaded to Picasa Web Album without having to manually upload each image using the Web interface.


One thought on “Google’s New Features !!!

  1. Rightly said. And they do not charge for the services.

    And if they continue like this, the day may not be far when we switch to google tv channel, serving various services…

    Recently, a TV channel while showing a place in Pakistan used Google maps.

    Slowly but surely they are into many aspects of our browsing experience.

    K r i s


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