My experiences of MUGH Community Launch 2007

MUGH Community Launch 2007,the most exciting event I have attended after DEVCON 2006.Its great to be in Microsft campus,besides that, getting a chance to learn new cutting edge topics is mind blowing.It was really exciting to be part of the sessions. You can never realise whats going on in your field and by attending these sessions one gets very good information. I really appreciate the effort core team members of MUGH offered to make the event successful.

I was so eager to get the feel of Vista in my laptop, I installed Vista Inspirat. Harish’s presentation was an eye opener for me.I was so curious to know what makes Vista different from XP(Now,I wont forget what is Now,I plan to develop a Gadget .Though Sridhar was good, it was bit over my head. As usual, Arun  rocked the event with his cool demos this time. I should thank Anjana for the presentation. Though I started using Microsoft Office for around 3 months now, I never realised it was so powerful.

Sudhakar continued his reputation by explaining about VSTO 2005 SE and still motivates me with presentation of Web 2.0  from DEVCON 2006. Coming to Hima Bindu, Iam a regular visitor to her blog and the way she shares her knowledge is remarkable. I know her contribution in and wish she contiues the same passion of sharing the knowledge.  

I won goodie for an answer on Microsoft Word 2007 in the fun quiz competetion and it was refreshing.

I THANK all core team members for making this event more informative and interactive.Whole event was good except few delegates disturbing by talking(to others and on phone) and just want to get some attention. Time was a factor, as each session was so exciting, some demos from Himabindu and may be from sudhakar was missed.

I was so happy and shared all the experience with my colleagues to find them in a feeling what they have missed.  Overall, the experience was great and I have no regrets for spending the only sunday Iam offered to relax, in my company.


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