Protect ur mobiles !!

To avoid explosions and to prolong Li-ion batteries usage, I have  listed some warnings:

  • You can recharge a lithium-based battery frequently, but you shouldn’t recharge it more than it’s necessary. You use to recharge your cell phone for hours? Forget it!
  • If the device needs to be kept stored for a lengthy period of time, keep the battery in a cool place at 40% state-of-charge. The website stated that a Li-ion battery stored for a year at 40% charge lose 4% of its permanent capacity, and one stored at 100% charge lose 20% of its capacity.
  • Keep your cell phone away from water, sand, dust and humidity. Short-circuiting can also explode your device.
  • If your handheld gets wet, remove the battery and let your cell phone dries before put it back.
  • Do not freeze the battery. When the battery gets warm again, it can be humid and cause damage to the battery’s circuit.
  • Do not place your cell phone in a hot car.
  • Do not carry your cell phone in your pocket.
  • Do not use plastic cases to protect your cell phone. They can overheat it.
  • Do not open the battery. Do not even try it!
  • Prefer original and authorized accessories and batteries.
  • Keep the battery away from metallic objects. It can short-circuit.
  • Lithium-based batteries are used not just in cell phones, but also in many kinds of electronic devices, such as MP3 players, digital cams and laptops.
  • If despite all these warnings your device gets overheated, contact technical assistance.

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